Project name:
Building and equipping to get increased competitiveness - Ćališ d.o.o.

Contract Nr:

Name of the call for project proposals:

Total project value:
2.217.476,52 HRK

Total eligible costs:
2.071.825,22 HRK

Grant amount awarded:
943.201,34 HRK

Project implementation period
5. March 2019. - 15. March 2020.

Short description and goal of the project:

The project is an investment that will make Ćališ d.o.o. and the SME of the Republic of Croatia more competitive on the domestic market of plastic packaging as well as on the market of the European Union. The goals of the project are production with high added value, faster development in the region through stimulated investments, retention and expansion of the market demand segment and increase of total production. The same will be achieved by building a hall, procuring machines, employing a minimum of 2 employees, education and marketing activities.

Contact person for more information:
Lidija Leko,, +385 98 294 202

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*The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund
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